The relief of poverty

Collecting, testing, repairing and/or refurbishing for re-use household items including electrical items, and making them available at an affordable cost, or free, to inhabitants of the area of benefit who are on low incomes or who are economically disadvantaged or suffering as a result of hardship, poverty, ill-health or physical or mental illness or handicap

The relief or persons in need who are suffering or disadvantaged because of learning difficulties, unemployment, mental health problems or through being socially excluded, by the provision of work experience and training to enable them successfully to seek gainful employment

The advancement of education

The provision of the facilities, work and training to enable the workers to acquire and develop vocational skills to provide them with additional knowledge, confidence and fulfilment and enhance their employment prospects

Among the inhabitants of the area of benefit, regarding the benefits of protecting and preserving the environment by the implementation and promotion of environmentally-friendly schemes and policies, the reuse of items that would otherwise be deemed as waste

The protection and preservation of the environment

The provision of a reuse service for items that would otherwise be a waste including those that would otherwise go to landfill and thereby promoting waste reduction, re-use, reclamation, recycling and use of recycled products and surplus parts

Exploring further re-use and recycling initiatives and adopting or promoting initiatives which will contribute to local waste management and the protection of the environment

Educating and Informing the public

Educating and informing the public about the benefits of preserving and protecting the environment, sustainable lifestyles and the benefits to the community of recycling, re-use and environmentally-friendly waste management